"I have probably seen well over 100 productions of ALWAYS... PATSY CLINE in its 26 year history... Jacqueline Petroccia is remarkable.  She has every nuance and vocal quirk of Patsy Cline down pat.  A beautiful performance-warm, full of life and heart breaking..."

-Ted Swindley, author and original director of ALWAYS... PATSY CLINE

"Jacqueline Petroccia as Patsy Cline is as close to the real thing as you will ever hear."

-Harry Hamm, CBS

“Petroccia is perfect...worth the price of admission just to see, and more particularly hear, what it would have been like to see Cline in her prime, which is what you feel you are experiencing...”

-Montgomery Advertiser

"Petroccia makes each note sound as if it's lined in dark velvet-which is how practically nobody else, apart from Cline, has ever made them sound..."

-St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"In appearance, presence and voice, Jacqueline Petroccia does more than channel the singer...[Patsy] is brought back to life..."

-Shoreline Times